Broken Down Angel

by Sarah Kallies



released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Sarah Kallies Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Jericho
Mirror mirror, hiss and slither
Forbidden disgrace, your little taste
A fortified city, your land of plenty
A hardened shell, your private hell
I'm bringing down your Jericho

Through the layers, there's beauty below
What's lost behind the walls of your Jericho

A poison plunder, your burning hunger
Innocent feast, your sweet deceit
Timid tiger, raging fire
A hidden affair, this lovers snare
I'm bringing down your Jericho


Followed the crowd, disowned desire
Discovered places less desired
Chasing after the world, it's a lonely race
In the end you will find you've lost your fire
Living for gain, seeking wealth and fame
Inside your Jericho, that's not real life, no
Inside your Jericho

Track Name: On My Own
My soul breaks under the weight of chaos I cannot rewind
Pause reveals a mirage of chasing horizons and losing time
He touched my face, I lost my breath, He pulled me in, I can undone
But a rift has left me alone not knowing the taste of love
I want to know just what you know that keeps you from thinking I can do it on my own

Letting go feels like the first time you said goodbye
All I know, Feels like I've lost time that never was mine
And now I'm on my own

Not alone when your love was dressed as my hope
in your arms, was I home or wrong cloaked in right
You touch my sin, I find my breath, I hear you call, Can you hear me
A voice so soft and sweet, the deep calls out to deep
I want to know just what you know that keeps me from thinking I can do it on my own

Letting go feels like the first time you said goodbye
All I know, Feels like I've lost love that never was mine
And now I'm on my own

Despite the raging storm I drifted in peace
Things were not what they seemed
I stepped out on the water but slipped to depths below
Without him this breath can't last for long
He's all that I cannot do on my own

Track Name: Something Sacred
Used to shine like diamonds, glitter like gold
Burned bright like a flame, white hot as a coal
But time brought the rain and cold winter wind
And if not for you it would have done me in

You find in my something sacred
It's been there all along
You give me every breath I'm taking
You sing me like a beautiful song

On days when I'm crawling, can't find my feet
I'm bent and I'm breaking, bruised like a reed
You come and you hold me, take my face in your hands
Whisper all is forgiven, you help me to stand

Track Name: Broken Down Angel
Had the cape and stars to soar above the ground
Wasn't enough to stop it all from crashing down
Stayed inside the lines, conformity that surrounds
Was like flying with your wings broken and bound
So I shed all sense of reason and this is what I found

I am broken, I'm an angel, I'm a broken down angel

Poison saturates, a hundred Sundays couldn't heal
A cold and empty shell pleading only not to feel
Condemned by my mind when shame was all I knew
How was I to know my deepest sin was not my deepest truth
Did you know your deepest sin is not your deepest truth

You are broken, you're an angel, you're a broken down angel

If you've ever danced the line of death and life, despair and strife
You have to feel the pain to write its taste, experience the grace
I'm a broken down angel and I'm waiting to take flight
Gonna leave the midnight sky and take it's light, which once was bright

Track Name: Unspoken
Speech given life we can't get back
The art of words to free or distract
In search for something that is real
When words seeking truth can kill
I don't wanna read between the lines
Or search for hidden meaning, no
I don't wanna live like a chameleon
Always changing how I'm feeling

So I'll wait here and I'll stay here
The silence unbroken, in the unspoken
I'll wait here and I'll stay here
Til your silence unbroken brings the unspoken to life

A loss for words can really say it
This space between us makes a statement
Trusting a heart that's often wrong
Feels like you're already gone
It's amazing how I could talk for hours
And still have said nothing at all
And somewhere lost inside the silence
I can hear your distant calling

Track Name: The Eastern Shore
We had a season, it's hard to believe
Just a season but a lifetime to me
Things you knew so well seem now to fade with time
I pray this song will ease your tired mind
When all my years could number many more
But Jordan parted water and I found her distant shore

When all my tears have made an ocean
And the waves have run their course
But in the silence they're still crashing
With the sound of freedoms roar
Knowing that someday soon
We will walk the Eastern shore

Your world's a puzzle and I'm the missing piece
For you it'll never again be quite so complete
Time has no place in heaven but it slowly passes there
Your days turn into weeks and months into years
But someday soon all things will be made new
And once again a season of life will hold both me and you

I'm okay now

Track Name: Nowhere Is Home
Moving from place to place is all I've ever known
Each time I've left behind a piece of my soul
So this is my ode to Hanzel and Gretel
For all I've lost, all I've left scattered behind
Home is a word I could never define

When the steps that I've traced have been erased
And I can't find my way home
Hey prodigal daughter, hey prodigal son
I still believe love will come to me when nowhere is home

This lonely life has kept me locked away inside
Every new friend has brought me to a new goodbye
My head aches inside with things I cannot get out
A whispered scream, a muffled cry, a quiet shout
Longing for things that I cannot get back


Come find me, I'm waiting
Come find me waiting

Track Name: Myth Of Always
Beautiful boy, slipping away
Everything shattered, heart gone astray
Time crept in, stole your strength and now you say
I've nothing to show for but this myth of always
and always

The always that you've known shimmers and fades
The always that I give will never fail

When those words turned into stone
What once was trust now crushing your sweet bones
Still inside you have craved and now you say
There must be much more than this myth of always
and always


What's rendered you silent, caused this distaste for love
It hasn't killed your spirit that's flown like the dove
Facing snares of death you've opened our wounded wings
To carry yourself once more to find the always you seek
(the always you seek is me)
Come find my shore
Come find my love
Track Name: Stained
What feels like yesterday in my memory plays
Would it've been better if I kept it together
Numb from head to feet, couldn't be weak
Hatreds hand prints reveal lost innocence
Ears they could've bled from the false words said
It was just another day that gave painful birth
To my personal hell on earth

These words are all that's left to see the chaos that one night can bleed
There's no pain so deep my friend, the angels have not found my bed

This bed it coldly lays like an open grave
Holding the pain, cradling the stains
Walls were paper thin, cruelly hid the sin
My frantic screams never found the air
Trapped inside my head, haunting me instead
I washed my body, never clean enough
Tears were all that weren't stolen


Learning to live again, finding peace that mends
Worn in body in mind
There is beauty and redemption in any stained life


I pray for angels around my bed
Track Name: Sinners & Saints
There's a preacher on tv selling the truth offering flesh and bone
There's a girl on the street selling the truth
The only truth she's ever known
Curtain of a confessional, plastic pane of a prison cell
The fruit may be different in the light of redemption
But the tears all taste the same

I've felt the ocean kissing my face
Salty like my tears they're soft and slow
I've been a sinner, I've been a saint
Still I am neither and I am both

Beneath every surface a deeper truth of struggling flesh and bone
Stories of imperfection sing sovereign truth
The only truth we've ever know
Some live their lives in line some live in lies
But soon enough we all will find
In this dance of sinner and of saints
Our tears all taste the same


Ancient hillside beckoning, blind and lame
The healing of flesh and bone
A man like we've never seen, the Nazerene
The only truth we'll ever know
Soldiers and priests, beggars and thieves
Pain knows no boundaries
Another hill a tomb and risen King
But his tears fall just the same
They fall down here like rain